Saturday, March 22, 2008

Save Energy With Kill-A-Watt

Kill A Watt

Want to make your home more energy efficient? Want to find the real energy hogs in your house? Then the Kill A Watt is the Tech-Tool for you.

Professionally, I have used a variety of power monitoring tools and the Kill A Watt is the best balance for price and quality.

How it works:

You just plug the Kill A Watt in a standard power outlet and then plug into it whatever it is that you want to test. That’s it. You can forceast your costs with a little data from your electric bill.

At home we are energy geeks to begin with and yet we still found hidden energy hogs using the Kill A Watt.

(BTW – our oven has a built in analog clock that drew an unusual amount of current. It must have been defective. We never look at the oven clock so I opened the back of the oven and disconnected the clock. One small step for energy efficiency.)

Kill A Watt is available at Edmund Scientifics - type in “Kill A Watt” in the search field on the left side of the page after the jump.

Check out Kill-A-Watt and more sustainable tools at: Access to Tools

You can purchase a Kill-A-Watt at Edmund Scientific, just write Kill a Watt in the search box on the left side of the page after the jump.

Edmund Scientific

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation was originated by friends of the Lindberghs at The Explorers Club in New York City. It is a non-profit organization whose mission is “Supporting Great Innovations that Foster the Environment for a Planet in Balance”.

One of the programs of the Foundation is the Lindbergh Grant program where each year grants are made in support of research that promotes a balance between technology and the environment.

From the Lindbergh Foundation Website:

Each year, The Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation provides grants of up to $10,580 (a symbolic amount representing the cost of the Spirit of St. Louis) to men and women whose individual initiative and work in a wide spectrum of disciplines furthers the Lindberghs’ vision of a balance between the advance of technology and the preservation of the natural/human environment.

To date, 270 men and women in the United States and abroad have received more than $2.6 million to support their work.

“The concept of a technology/nature balance, in which Charles and Anne Lindbergh so firmly believed, is now coming to the forefront as the answer to some of our global problems,” said Clare Hallward, Chairman of the Lindbergh Foundation Grants Selection Committee. “The projects of our grant recipients have, since 1978, made significant contributions to such a balance. Because of the standards employed by the Foundation’s grants program, it has earned international credibility which enables many Lindbergh Grant recipients to secure additional funding to continue their important work.”

The value of the Lindbergh Grants program as a provider of seed money and credibility for pilot projects that subsequently receive larger sums from other sources to continue and expand the work has again been confirmed. Seventy-four percent of Lindbergh Grant recipients responding to a recent survey by the Foundation said they had received additional funding for their research or educational project earlier supported by a Lindbergh Grant, with 34% receiving funds ranging from $50,001 up to $500,000 in supplementary support.

SDU will be posting on Lindbergh Grant recipients over the next several weeks leading up to the announcement of the 2008 Lindbergh Grants.

If you have a research or educational project that promotes a balance between technology and the environment you may want to apply for a 2009 Lindbergh Grant.

While no official announcement about the 2008 Lindbergh Grant Recipients has been made, check out This Link.

Via: Sustainable Design Update