Monday, November 05, 2007

GaiaLux Light


I have entered the NASA "Design The Future" Contest, a
product design competition, with a design for an
energy efficient LED light fixture that uses recycled
cell phone chargers as the power supply.

See the light design at:

This design is intended for the billion people who
live in parts of the world where power is
intermittent, like in "squatter cities" and in places
where war makes access to electricity difficult.

My design charges batteries when power is available
and provides light when light is needed. The
batteries can provide light for days between charges.
It also shuts off when the batteries are charged and
has no stand-by power loss. (we measured this)

One of the ways the contest is judged is by the number
of page views each entry generates. I would
appreciate it very much if you looked at my entry and
checked out the graphics (click on the thumbnail
images on the left of the screen)

If I win anything it will go exclusively toward
supporting The Appropriate Technology Design
Collaborative, a not for profit that designs new
technologies for less economically developed

The link:


Check out developments at Sustainable Design Update

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