Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Wind Turbine

FloDesign Schematic for New Wind Turbine

EcoGeek has an interview with one of the engineers at Flow Design about their new wind turbine design.

If you think this looks more like a jet engine you’re right. The engineers at FloDesign have experience in designing components for turbine engines.

The features that make this wind turbine design innovative (I will add the word “potentially” to this, they have yet to produce a working prototype) is that they use a shroud and nozzle combination to decrease pressure and suck more wind into turbine blades. They also use a stator (stationary set of turbine blades) to aim the air at the moving blades to extract the maximum amount of energy from the wind stream.

This may all prove not to work when they actually build a prototype, but I have hope that FloDesign can get this very innovative wind turbine up and running and that it will produce energy more efficiently than what is currently on the market.

Check out the interview over at EcoGeek

Via: Sustainable Design Update

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